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  1. My sidewall has split when I was just riding along

    ANSWER – Most of the time the tyre has hit a pot hole, rock or a cateye thus causing the tyre to compress against the rim and this can fracture the side wall. Also in many cases there could be a pressure issue by way of the rider not inflating their tyre high enough. Mis-aligned brake pads which are in contact with the tyre sidewall just above the rim will also cause dramatic tyre failure.

    My Tyre just burst off the rim

    ANSWER – 99% of the time this has been caused by the inner tube not being seated properly within the tyre. When mounting the clincher tyre/tube the tube would be caught between the bead of the tyre and the rim. This is hard to see and in a lot of cases the consumer/rider will not notice it. Once the tyre is pumped up and expanded with heat there is a chance that the inner tube will pop out of the rim and burst.

    My tyre is hard to get on the rim

    ANSWER – Continental produce their tyres to a world standard set by ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation). It is our belief that many rims are made to different size tolerances and this can cause differences in the circumferences of the rim size. An example of this was when we measured two front wheels, brand new out of the box and found one was 6mm bigger. Other issues for tight fitting tyres could be the actual thickness of the rim tape. For advice on fitting a tight tyre/rim combination, please consult your dealer as technique can overcome all but the most difficult of combinations

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