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Continental Bicycle tyres from Germany have over 100 years experience in developing and produce the highest quality bicycle tyres on the planet.

Continental is the ONLY German bicycle tyre manufacture to produce tyres in Germany.

At our manufacturing planet in Korbach we are constantly developing new material and technology such as the revolutionary BLACK CHILI compound. No other bicycle tyre company is able to produce this compounding which ensures an overall better racing performance then other compounds. Continental were also the first company to put “Vectran” breakers into our tyres which provides a higher standard of puncture proof then Kevlar.

All these technologies demand a sophisticated manufacturing process to ensure that our legendary end product meets all our customers needs from high end Tour De France competitors, Hawaiian  Ironman Triathlete’s  to Olympic MTB racing.

Continental constantly speaks to Professional teams and individual competitors to get their feedback on the ride and performance of our tyres. We also engage athletes for product development such Greenedge Cycling Team, BMC Racing, Focus MTB elite teams, to individual riders like Richie Schley, Dan Atherton. Danny MacAskill and Kenny Belaey. Locally in Australia we have Jason English and team Torq.

Our product names are synonymous in the world of Bicycle tyres. From the number one racing tyre in the world – GP4000s to our tubular professional range being the “Competition”. The MTB racing we have winners such as Race King, Mountain King and X-King to keep you upright. No other tyre brand can provide the performance like the abovementioned tyres.

At Continental we use a phrase “Hand made in Germany” and this is our heart and sole with all its products and technologies.

Have fun, enjoy your ride, be safe and fast with Continental Tyres from Germany

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